Carole Groom

“There is something in the human spirit that yearns to be a part of a greater effort, to move a community forward.”

Carole Groom, County of San Mateo Supervisor District 2

Supervisor Carole Groom was elected to the Board of Supervisors in June 2010, served as President of the Board in 2011, 2015, and 2019. Prior to Supervisor Groom’s appointment in 2009, she served nine years on the San Mateo City Council, including two terms as Mayor, and on the San Mateo Planning and Public Works Commissions. Supervisor Groom’s priorities include expanded access to quality preschool and literacy, improved access to healthcare for all, environmental protection, preservation of County’s parks, and growing the local economy.

Along with Supervisor Warren Slocum, Supervisor Groom established the San Mateo County Poet Laureate program in 2013.

The Poet Laureate program was initially staffed by the San Mateo County Libraries. Members of the San Mateo County Poet Laureate Advisory Committee from 2014 to 2019 include Supervisor Warren Slocum; Supervisor Carole Groom; San Mateo County Poet Laureate Emerita Caroline Goodwin; San Mateo County Poet Laureate Emerita Lisa Rosenberg; Board Member of the San Mateo County Libraries JPA Governing Board and Council Member of Portola Valley Maryann Derwin; Office of Arts and Culture Executive Director Robin Rodricks; East Palo Alto Poet Laureate Kalamu Chaché; Editor and Publisher Christopher Wachlin; Visual Arts Columnist and Founding Board Member of City Arts Bonny Zanardi; Poet and retired educator Rosemary Ybarra-Garcia; Poet and Skyline College Professor Kathleen McClung, and Director of Library Services for San Mateo County Libraries Anne-Marie Despain. As of 2022, the San Mateo County Poet Laureate program is staffed by the newly formed Office of Arts and Culture under the leadership of Robin Rodricks.

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