Chuck Brickley

Chuck Brickley

Chuck Brickley, born in San Francisco in 1947, graduated from Westmoor High School, San Mateo College and San Jose State University, and currently lives in Daly City. His haiku, senryu, haibun and hay(na)ku have been published in leading haiku journals and anthologies worldwide since 1978. His collection of haiku, earthshine (Snapshot Press, 2017, in its 4th printing), is the winner of the Touchstone Distinguished Book Award for 2017 (The Haiku Foundation), and received Honorable Mention in the Merit Book Award for 2017 (Haiku Society of America) and the Marianne Bluger Book Award for 2020 (Haiku Canada). One of his haibun was nominated for the Pushcart Prize (2018), another for the Sonders Best Small Fiction Award (2019). Brickley is the contest coordinator for the Haiku Society of America, and a judge for the Touchstone Award for Individual Poems sponsored by The Haiku Foundation.

Poems on Belonging


luna piena
a refugee eyes you
from a kelp bed

(NOON: Journal of the Short Poem, Issue 20, 2021)

alley frost
where he slept

(Frogpond 42.2, 2019)

the Senator flinches
in his pew

(Frogpond 43.2, 2020)

black smoke
a cabbage white
fights the wind

(Modern Haiku 51.1, 2020)


       my dreams
morning garbage truck

(Frogpond 43.3, 2020)

your shape
is killing me

(Frogpond 43.3, 2020)

FROM EARTHSHINE (Snapshot Press, 2017)

the widow's blinds
part slightly

(Mariposa 31, 2014)

last lilac
the bee's shadow slips
to a lower leaf

(Modern Haiku 15.1, 1984)

a snowshoe hare
hops through its breath
morning star

(Modern Haiku 11.3, 1980)

Copyright © 2022 by Chuck Brickley. Used with permission of the author.

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