Ida J. Lewenstein

Ida J. Lewenstein

Ida J. Lewenstein is a retired English-as-a-Second-Language instructor of some 22 years who wears several hats. She has written many poems, chants and rhymes to reinforce, in a fun way, the structures she was teaching. Some of these have worked their way into imaginative story poems for children. She is a long-standing member of the California Writers Club (CWC) San Francisco Peninsula Branch, and some of her poems and stories appear in their anthologies. She also belongs to the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), and is the author of several children’s books. Ida attended the University of Washington, Seattle, and San Francisco State University.



Do you have a wiggle inside of you?
What does it do…?
Just what does it do?

You wiggle your toes
And the wiggle inside
Wiggles up to your nose.

You then wiggle your nose
And the wiggle wiggles
Right back to your toes!

Up to your nose
And down to your toes
Up and down
Uh…oh! There it goes!

You say to this wiggle –
You’re making me wriggle
And when I wriggle
I start to GIGGLE!

Is all I do –
It’s bothering my Mama
And my Daddy, too.
Can’t you find
Something else
To do?

But a wiggle is just a wiggle
And you can talk ‘til you’re blue
After all, wiggles must wiggle
What else can they do?

Copyright © 2019 by Ida J. Lewenstein. This poem originally appeared in Speak Poetry Vol. 2. Used with permission of the author.

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