Jeannine Gerkman

Jeannine Gerkman

Jeannine Gerkman, Author, Poet, Realtor, is the author of Spring (a sun-drenched picture book) and creator of numerous light-hearted poems. Her next project, Armadillos Amble, is an illustrated children’s picture book featuring 26 animals in alphabetical order doing things matching their letter (that rhymes!). Check her out at



Let’s snuggle together with some crackers and juice,
And turn the pages of my Dr. Seuss

We’ll read about creatures big and small,
Watch their antics and have a ball.

I’ve been reading since I was four,
We’ll read a little and then
Read some more.

About ships and spoons and
Cats and owls,
We’ll slide with verbs and
Skip with vowels.

We’ll play in water both wide and deep.
We’ll slosh and splash
And then drift to sleep.


Bathed in sunshine
Glistening with dew
The morning has started
The day’s begun anew

Children are streaming
To take their place at school
My face is beaming
I’m grinning like a fool

The air is crisp and bracing
My steps sure and strong
Whatever I might be facing
Will never turn out wrong

Copyright © by Jeannine Gerkman. Used with permission of the author.

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