Roberta Gonzales-Gregg

Roberta Gonzales-Gregg

Roberta Gonzales-Gregg is a Southern California native and Bay Area transplant of 28 years. She is a Co-Host/Co-Producer at Outlook Video, an LGBTQ public access cable TV show. She is also a Senior Peer Counselor at Peninsula Family Service, and Group Facilitator for “Let’s Talk” Zoom Chat. An avid walker/hiker, she discovered writing poems in her senior years of which two have been published in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Poem on Belonging


Is it true that we become wise as we get older?
That it is we Seniors who must offer a shoulder?
A shoulder to lean on when challenged in life,
A few words of wisdom to handle the strife?

It’s often I find that yes, I am aging, but continue in learning,
And finding conditions of life which keep me yearning.
Yearning to know NOW what lies ahead and beyond,
To embrace the joys of that which I am fond.
But also to remember and acknowledge
Those who came before me, to glean from THEIR knowledge.

Our ancestors traveled through hardships into the unknown,
To build community, though no blueprints were shown!
They used the wisdom handed down
From their Elders to Youngers
They persevered and stayed strong.

I am now in deep, pensive thought,
And pray that this passed-on knowledge isn’t for naught.
For as I age, I hope never to fear
That this acquired knowledge and love
Will always be held ever-so-dear.

Copyright © 2022 by Roberta Gonzales-Gregg. Used with permission of the author.

Civic Engagement

Senior Peer Counselor & Group Facilitator at the Peninsula Family Service, an organization founded in 1950 which provides comprehensive services that support individuals and families at various stages of life.

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