Sanderson Dean

Sanderson Dean

Sanderson Dean is an Emmy-award winning writer in the wonderful world of entertainment advertising.  From NYC to LA, he’s worked on thousands of movies, tv shows, and video games for numerous movie studios, television networks, and advertising agencies. And after more than 20 years in the business, it’s a safe bet you’ve seen, heard, or read some tiny tidbit of entertainment advertising he’s spent countless hours toiling over. But perhaps his biggest accomplishment – is surviving his two boys. He now resides in Burlingame, still copywriting for Hollywood, and using his spare time to write poems about poop and other messes. Sanderson’s poetry, humor book, STARK RAVING DAD, is now available at all major book stores. The book is illustrated with pre-school & grade-school art from his two boys, and packed with poems covering everything from plunging toilets, to being puked on, to grinding up Star Wars figures in the garbage disposal! You can check the book out at, or (also on IG & FB @strkravingdad)



Always grabbing
Always clinging
Always sticky

Where have they been?
What have they touched?
When were they clean?

Now, they’re here
Rubbing my face
Your hands letting me know
We share everything
Like your runny nose


All that cutting
Meticulous care
Just the right shapes
In just the right places
The utmost concentration
The required contemplation
You step away
Your masterwork through

And your priceless art
Perfectly stuck
to the kitchen table

Copyright © 2019 by Sanderson Dean. These poems originally appeared in Stark Raving Dad (Running Press, 2019). Used with permission of the author.

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Stark Raving Dad (2019)

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