David Ruettiger

David Ruettiger

David Ruettiger is a retired social worker and costume shop owner who writes something everyday. He spends his time walking Pacifica’s trails, engaging its gorgeous mountains and lands, and especially the incredible ocean. He gardens vigorously and reads voraciously.

Poem on Belonging


Knit together across six exits
next to the ocean
Pacifica is a beach town
strung along the coast.
Community tides ebb & flow
Old timers proud
of their long time here
New timers excited just to be here
I’m an in betweener
As this place still feels new
In spite of a decade of residence.
Walk any of the hill trails
Or stroll along any of the beaches
Your jaw is bound to drop in awe
Your lips will curl upward in a smile.

Copyright © 2019 by David Ruettiger. This poem originally appeared in Speak Poetry Vol. 1. Used with permission of the author.

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