Juanita J. Martin

In 2010, Juanita J. Martin became the first poet laureate for Fairfield, California. She was chosen based on her writing, her ability to articulate in many forms, and her vast resume. During her two years as laureate, she gave readings, workshops, book signings, and judged contests. She also wrote the poem for the City of Fairfield about Fairfield, called The Heart of Solano. She also wrote the first poet laureate program. In 2013, her book, The Lighthouse Beckons, a collection of poems, was accepted into several branches of the Solano County Library. Her poem, Emancipate Me, was accepted into Benicia Historical Museum’s exhibit, Freedom is a Hard Bought Thing, commemorating the Emancipation Proclamation’s 150th anniversary.

*Juanita featured at the Bay Area Poets Laureate Gathering & Public Reading on September 21, 2019, hosted by the San Mateo County Arts Commission and the San Mateo County Libraries.