Portola Valley First Graders

Portola Valley First Graders

First graders in Ms. Ivana Hansen and Ms. Monica Gojcaj’s class wrote these poems in celebration of National Poetry Month.

Poems from Portola Valley

Inside my heart lives…
3 baby chikes
Pony rides
In green pastures
The smell of fresh rosemarry
—L. K.

I saw a bird today
I whached it fly
So high
It went west
—M. M.

O Birds O Birds
As you flli
thro the scki
you twet and you twet and
flli throu the 
nit and you flli
thro the bay
O Bird O Bird
Your byotlf
wing are as
prity as silk
O Bird O Bird.
—A. K.

Tigers are big and strong.
A type of cat.
They hunt and eat.
They sleep a lot.
Bone appetit.
—R. M.

Puppys like to play
Puppys like to hid from you
And thay eat all day
—L. M.

A Daffodil 
is like a lion
Roreen so
hard. Its peatls
are like the 
mane of a 
lion and it is so yelloe.
—E. W.

I like sunflowers 
Because they look
Like the sun
Hie in the sky
—T. F.

Rainbows are all colers
red, oring, yellow
green, blue, purple, viyliet.
Rainbows are butefule.
They come on rainy days.
—J. R.

Clawds are big and white
flufy as cotencndy
thae has meny sapes.
—H. D.

The tree sways
Around from side to side
The wind howls, 
Leaves rustle.
—S. B. 

Copyright © 2022 by Ms. Ivana Hansen and Ms. Monica Gojcaj for their first grade students. Used with permission of the authors.

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