Iris Li

Iris Li

“My name is Iris Li and am a high school junior. I have been writing as a hobby since elementary school. I enjoy using my pieces to express my opinions on social issues. After participating in the Daly City Youth Poet Laureate for two years now, I look forward to taking part in writing for many other competitions. During my free time, besides creative writing, I enjoy playing the guitar and learning how to code!”



fire engulfed us.
its flames daring us
to touch its
yellow and orange stripped hands. it mocked at our distance
to come closer.
it laughed at our attempts
to wipe its existence.
and worst of all
it allied with the sky.

it pitied us
for a moment,
but it returned to 
our homes
our uncontrollable tears
and our powerless shouts of anger.

maybe the sky had reconsidered — 
as it fought with its “ally”. 
drops of hope fell from above. 
from tinkles of jingle bells,
to an entire full on symphony.

fire was hindered
by our hopes.
it began to diminish
by the hour.
but before its
painful death,
it roared up at the sky. 
expressing its long lashed anger. 
then it disappeared, 
leaving behind its
faintly evident trace
of its existence.

Copyright © 2022 Iris Li. Used with permission of the author.

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