Marian Yap

Marian Yap

“Growing up in New York City was a great experience and has influenced my outlook on art and life. There was amazing access to museums and other cultural institutions and the energy of the city was always present. I have lived in California for many years now where I am close to both a major urban area and the beautiful Pacific Ocean, surrounded by incredible natural beauty. I am able to draw from many cultures for inspiration that influences my creative efforts, such as the Japanese concepts of wabi sabi and notan.

“Although I have written some poetry and some haiku, I don’t consider myself a poet.  My primary creative expression is through art.  I am an abstract/mixed media painter and my resume is extensive.   I have exhibited for many years in California, nationally and internationally, and my artwork is included in many private collections. 

“For several years I was a member of Haiku Poets of Northern California and I served as President of the Peninsula Chapter of Women’s Caucus for Art, past President of the Art Guild, and was a founding member of Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica.”

Poems on Belonging

writing haiku poetry
seventeen syllables
I can do that


My poetry lesson is not about learning how to write poetry
My poetry lesson is how to listen to poetry
And the poetry that I hear teaches me not only about the names of
birds and names of places where poets come from and where they
have been but of their humor, resilience and their desire to share their
gift so freely
I am learning about those who have suffered great loss and struggled
with their sadness, and about the small joys that poets record so
eloquently, and how poets share intimate pieces of their lives
My poetry lesson teaches me that the poet wants not much more
than for the listener to listen and the reader to read
My poetry lesson is not about learning how to write poetry

Copyright © 2012 by Marian Yap. This poem originally appeared in the anthology, Carry the Light. Used with permission of the author.

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