Rosemary Ybarra-Garcia

Rosemary Ybarra-Garcia

Rosemary Ybarra-Garcia is an educator and a lifelong poet who has been a featured poet for several years at coffee shops, bookstores, women’s study classes, and special venues such as “Women and the Muse” in Santa Cruz, CA, 1988; “Floricanto in Xochitle in Cuicatle, Flower and Song” at the De Young Memorial Museum in San Francisco, CA, 1993.

Her poetry has been included in several publications, among those:  Lighthouse Point: An Anthology of Santa Cruz Writers, M PRESS, Santa Cruz, CA; New to North America: Writing by Immigrants, Their Children and Grandchildren, Burning Bush Publications, Santa Cruz, CA; California Quarterly, A California State Poetry Society Publication; Poetry Quarterly, Prolific Press Publication; Calyx Journal, CALYX Press; River Poets Journal, Lily Press; Minute Magazine, Minute Press.  She has published three books of poetry: House of Song, Weaving, and Blue Maze.

Poem on Belonging


When she moved, she left
laced heirlooms and her faith behind—

the yellowed, crocheted tablecloth, its arms unravelling;
black laced scarves, folded forever in a drawer,

worn by widows at funerals and graveyards,
by a doña who turned the unfaithful to stone

Stern, pale faces stayed behind with tablecloths,
dusty doilies, strict religious hardness

They all stayed behind despite their pleas
for a spot in the moving van

Faith, being so persistent, would find its way,
traveling through miles of countryside,

stopping for water, leaving its stamp,
a bit of itself everywhere

It would cry at the front door until she let it inside
It would not look like the old faith—fat and balding,

wearing a monk’s cassock from the sixteenth century,
wooden rosaries hanging from his waist

No, at first, it would be as unassuming as a kitten, 
mewing its way into her house

Copyright © 2022 by Rosemary Ybarra-Garcia. Used with permission of the author.

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