Dena Rod

Dena Rod is a writer, editor, and poet based in the San Francisco Bay Area. A graduate of San Francisco State University, they have a M.A. in English Literature. Their debut poetry collection Scattered Arils is now out from Milk & Cake Press and in its third printing. Rod’s literary endeavors include curating poetry showcases, speaking on panels, and visiting classrooms for community engagement with a focus on queer and trans Iranian diaspora issues. They ran the RADAR Productions weblog, were the former Creative Nonfiction Editor at homology lit, and the former Managing Editor of Argot Magazine, a Webby-nominated queer non-profit. In 2020, they were selected to tour with Sister Spit, debuted the chapbook swallow a beginning, and joined The Rumpus’ Features Team. They’re a fellow of RADAR Productions’ Show Us Your Spines Residency, Kearny Street Workshop’s Interdisciplinary Writer’s Lab, and Winter Tangerine’s Summer Writer’s Workshop.

Poems on Belonging

Presented at the 2020 Peninsula Virtual Bookfest

*Dena featured at the 2020 San Mateo County Peninsula Virtual Bookfest, as well as in “Power to the Poets,” San Mateo Pride 2021 and the 2020 & 2021 San Mateo County Transgender Day of Remembrance.